So here’s the thing, I’ve actually been to real UN markets, except on a mission, they’re called the PX and they’re kinda strange as they have a bizarre assortment of products from all over the world which is an attempt to sate the appetites (poorly) of all the international people staffing the mission. For example, “Oh, you’re from Central America? Well, we have a incredible choice of salsa. No, I didn’t mean to say, ‘salsas’.”

This is why the U.N. Market blows my mind just a tad as while there is the usual corner store booze and cigarettes there, there is also some random stuff as well from all over the world. And of course, the prices are a great deal like those at a real UN PX in that they’re sucky and give the impression there is nowhere else you can shop for lavash.

The reviews on Yelp are not favorable and it makes sense as Cala, while being the equivalent of purgatory with cash registers, is just up the hill with better prices and selection. Personally, I’m a big fan of Good Vibrations for groceries. Their new produce section is amazingly fresh and diverse.