I would say that Bacca da Silva actually drifts out of most anything Tender and is part of Union Square, but at the same time, I’ve also been rather curious how that lump of turd stays open on the corner, especially given that it was an art supply store for decades. A reader wrote in wondering the same thing:

I’m a journalist who lives in Tendernob and every day I walk past Bacca da Silva on my way to work. I don’t understand how they’re in business. According to their site baccadasilva.com the location on Sutter and Mason is their “flagship” store but I’ve NEVER seen anyone in there, not even when I walk home and back for lunch every day. Their stuff is way out there and almost Gaga-esque, I can’t imagine many people buy it. Anyway, I’d love to go in there and ask them how many items they sell in a month but I don’t have the balls. There’s also a weird Euro-influenced store further down Sutter, right by E&O, that sells only shirts. Hideous shirts. I don’t know why these stores selling cheap-looking but expensive clothes are popping up on Sutter, but hope it’s a trend that will end with the recession.

Yes, one can only hope that the crap clothing movement spawned by the hipsters will indeed die off in favor of the shit-you-can-wear-more-than-twice movement. I’m really getting tired of lumping it down to Kohl’s in Colma via Bart for all my jeans.