Um, so sorry, Heist Gallery (blog), you had written in about a show you were opening, hmm, last Friday was it? And then we kinda flaked on writing up something about it and by “kinda” I mean, “crapped out”. Usually we’re much better at pimping the local scenes in a more timely fashion, but my blogging foot has had a cramp lately.

Anyways, to our 25,000 readers (we’re huge at Sutter & Larkin) and scurvy, check out Heist if you get the chance. I love the fact that galleries are popping up in the Loin. This one is a 679 Geary and is worth checking out as a) it’s not stuffy and b) any gallery that can be next to the “Bridge-Tube-&-Peninsula” Ambassador Club has balls (or ovs as the case may be with the owner, Julianne). I hope the success is boundless.

Oh, if you’re not someone on a political campaign and you want your business/biznak promoted, feel free to write in. We’re much better with email as it provides a constant guilt trip, sitting there in the inbox screaming, “deal with me!”