Certain elements of life are beyond my comprehension and fall under that, “damned American crap” category in my fuddled brain. The big one that makes me scratch my head the most is any place trying to serve every effin’ need to their customers under the sun. One such example of this is gas stations selling groceries. Another is vodka at drug stores. And it appears yet another new one is chicken wings with ranch or blue cheese dressing at a Mexican joint.

I saw this at my local go-to Mexican spot, El Tesoro. There, nestled between all the point-and-shoot, with-flash-on portraits of their dishes was the sign for freakin’ chicken wings. Why do they do this? They’re a Mexican joint. They do it well. Every time I get ready to go on a big trip, I have burrito from there to bless the voyage. But friends, I can tell you that I shall not and will not buy chicken wings at a burrito shop. It’s just wrong no matter how good they might be.