I know how it is, in that Valentine’s Day just kinda sucks. Doesn’t matter who you are, because if you’re single going in, it’s a recipe for disaster. I say avoid it altogether and just get drunk instead with or without friends. After all, you might actually stand a better chance of some get-some if you’re not actually looking for said get-some.

If you decide to go this route, there are a great many bars in the Loin lose yourself in quite happily, especially as it seems hipsterdom is on a teensy, tiny decline in the neighborhood. I might be so bold to suggest Koko Cocktails while I’m at it. I’ve been meaning to mention this bar for awhile as my neighbor is one of the owners and it’s a cool place. As to why go for Valentine’s? Why not? It’s there, they serve booze, and you need booze. Oh yeah, it’s also at the 38 & 38L stop on Van Ness in case your drunken romance needs a little public transportation to get home for the get-some.

I was told that Koko will also have some yet-to-be-announced drink specials as well for the day, so keep an eye out.