Both evarels and myself enjoy the travel-travel and as such, we’re on CouchSurfing. It’s not really to host so much as to meet fellow travelers, since the hosting thing got old after the 6,000+ emails I’d get each week from a group of 4 or more people looking for a free place. On the flipside, when trying to get hosting in Paris, no one was willing to put up either, so if you’re looking to freeload places to stay, it’s not a good site for that. It is good for a traveler’s community though, and they do a lot in San Francisco.

That said, tonight, at Cafe Royale CS is having one of their social events called, Underground. I’ve no idea if it will be like totally out of control-insane-whack, but it’s an event at a bar in the Loin with drink specials and we all like drink specials if nothing else. Won’t be able to make it myself as I’m out of town, but for those around, maybe it’s worth a check out and see. Enjoy.