Since as long as I’ve been in the hood, and probably longer than that, the Chinese joint, Jenny’s at the corner of Sutter & Larkin has been closed. I’ve no idea if that was a good or bad thing given that we do indeed have a lot of Chinese places in San Francisco and just a few blocks down on Larkin, there are some really great Thai and Vietnamese places.

For some time, I had designs on opening up something in that spot. I have no idea as to what, but it would have been cool, because my tastes are amazing; at least in my imagination. It’s a great spot and I was amazed that nothing had opened there to date. Well, a bit over a week ago, that changed. The restaurant is now Yemeni’s, as apparently the new proprietor enjoys apostrophes as much as the previous one.

I was holding out hope that it might actually specialize in Yemenese Yemeni dishes. Blown out of proportion Al-Qaeda news references aside, there is some tasty, tasty food from that region and it would have been really cool to have a restaurant in our neighborhood that specialized in just that. As it sits, it is not to be the case. The food will be a smattering of various dishes from around the Middle East as the fellow I talked to told me. Maybe there will be some Yemen dishes tucked away in there still, or maybe Yemeni is just the dude’s name and I’m being thick about that whole Yemen thing. I’ve no idea as I haven’t had a chance to taste the offerings yet. Maybe someone else has and would like to share?