I was walking down Mason a couple of days ago and realized that the Hertz rental office which was up between Geary & Post is now down between Ellis & O’Farrell. While seemingly unimportant, for anyone who has had to drive down Mason when those Walmart Greeter rejects had to coordinate parking more than two cars, there will be rejoicing. It was really quite terrifying to see such a clusterfuck of sitting cars on a daily basis and let’s keep in mind that this is a one way street with three lanes, of which, they usually took two.

Oddly enough, they’ve now moved in to the old Budget space. This is going to be hard for them to screw up as all their Parkers will be tooling about on the second floor of a garage instead of the middle of the street, entertaining the tragic crowds that still frequent Ruby Skye for some godforsaken reason.

I don’t have a car and I do sometimes rent, but I have to admit that I defect from our hood and head up to the Hertz at Pine & Van Ness. The rates are cheaper as you get out of the downtown, hotel district, and it’s a lot easier to get in and out of. Of yeah, there’s also a gas station next door to it so that you can squeeze the exact right amount of gas back in to the car to not overspend on refilling it. Leaves more money for chicken tika masala.