Man I love me my Indian food and that makes for heaven when living in the Loin. There are piles of it everywhere. When it comes down to taste vs. price vs. reliability, I’m always a big fan of the Naan N Curry chain. I used to work (ah the days of job…) up by Jackson and ate at the one by Chinatown constantly. I know there are haters, but they probably just need more beer, especially if eating a Vindaloo.

These days, being that I am broke and in need of an Indian fix regularly, I go to the one on O’Farrell incredibly regularly. Naturally, while shocked to see it, I’m glad to note that they’ve done a large overhaul of the place.

I always thought that this place had a “happy” and a “sad” room, meaning that one always seemed gloomier than the older. Previously, it was the right hand room that was happy and the left that was sad. With wicked Indian magic, they have somehow transformed this and now I’m solidly in to the left room. Yes, it is my happy place, especially with the buffet-that-is-overpriced-outside-of-lunch staring me in the face. And it’s nice to the see the kitchen as they had mysteriously spirited it away to some unknown land prior to this opening up.

Sure, it’s not probably the healthiest food in the world. A friend I was eating with noted that she should take home some Chicken Tikka Masala, put in the fridge, and then take it to her classroom the next day to show the students what solids and liquids were. Obviously, it’s best not to think about such things and just bathe in the curry glory while you’re there. I know I do.