I’ve been so busy trying to hunt a wild turkey (they think like I think) here in Spain that I completely forget to introduce the newest author to TenderBlog: Kevin. He also goes by the handle, hiimkevin. Sounds tough, like in some movie they’d ask the password to get in to a secret mobster hideout and it’d be, hiim-kevin and then they’d get in and be all crazy and stuff with booze and money and girls and Lenny Kravitz and… oh wait, it’s ‘Hi, I’m Kevin’. Okay. That’s cool too.

Through our email correspondence, Kevin let me in on the fact that he’s actually an Andorran Freedom Fighter hiding out in the Loin after being deemed ‘persona non grata’ in Gabon for his controversial work with the failed insurgency. He barely escaped the country with his life. Now he lives in the shadows, only coming out for the Farmer’s Market at Civic Center and periods of civil disobedience. I hope I have all this right. I email a lot of people and get bored really often. Anyways, welcome Kevin and tear this blog a new one!

Again, the invitation is there for those wishing to write. Also for those who wished to write, were invited, and have since left my cheese out in the wind… Send an email if you want in on this badass road show.