Greetings from an exceptionally dreary London where not even Guy Fawkes fireworks last night were able to pierce through the pizzle. I lost a bet and am here simply to remind myself of how awesome California is as well as to remember what it’s like when actors actually work (ie “act”) instead of just having a good rack that they flounce around on screen (I’m looking at you Diora Baird, seriously, I am.) Cheese is good though.

Anyways, in case you haven’t seen, Almighty Chron has an article about art installations around the hood. Naturally, you have to always toss in the “…and you might have to walk past panhandlers and drug deals to see it.” reference because it’s just not the Loin if you don’t. Otherwise worth a read and if I were there, worth a checking out.

Okay, off to find a nice curry to warm me up.