Again, greetings from afar. Apparently the out of control (reportedly) city councilman in Emeryville, Ken Bukowski has been keeping an apartment at 798 Post, which is at the corner of Post and Leavenworth. He’s had it since 1980, which means that he probably pays nearly the same rent at the woman who’s been in my building since 1965 and is probably less than what I spend on groceries each month.

People hang on to apartments in SF for a variety of reasons, but I’m assuming that Ken’s thinking has something to do with the fact that that is a really nice building, is just up the street from Pearl’s (they do make a tasty burger), basically next door to farm:table (they do make a tasty coffee), two blocks up from El Tesoro (they do make a tasty burrito), and of course just a few blocks away from the ever-so-friendly tranny hookers at Sutter & Larkin (not going there.) In short, life is complete for one who lives at 798 Post Street. Oh, but there’s the problem that to qualify for rent control in SF, you have to have the apartment as your primary residence, which if you’re serving as an elected official in Emeryville means it is impossible due to needing to have your primary residence be in that city to serve there.

I’m sure that whatever Citiapartments, Hawthorne-Stone, or other property conglomerate that owns the building now is rubbing its greedy little corporate hands together as it will probably get another $1,000+ a month out of that unit seeing as how, much like a tranny hooker on a Friday night, Ken Bukowski is screwed.