Hi from afar. I happened to be reading The Chron online and came across this article about the change in drug sales in the Loin. I was wondering what the hell OxyContin was as it seems to be the main thing I get offered when walking down Leavenworth to the Civic Center. Yeah, I know, I’m not cool as I don’t know the new drugs, but I’m okay with that.

“OC’s. Get your OC’s” is, depending on the day, something I’ve heard often, which I found surprising as I usually never get offered to buy anything when walking around. This is the reason all of the fearmongers about the Loin really annoy me in that if you aren’t looking for trouble, you’re most likely not going to find any. Look for drugs, hookers, and other badness and you might very well end up with some problems. If you’re looking for tasty, tasty foods, then you’ll definitely find that.

All right, back to pumping out this old underground cistern to convert it to a wine cellar.