Cafe Royale has been one of my more favorite spots to go to. The best days were when Kate Dumbleton owned and ran it because she was a super awesome lady that pimped the local scene really well, loved good music, good drinks, and was one of those people who work to make a community kick ass. Don’t tell evarels, but I also thought she was pretty hot too. Maybe some of the other gents will back me up on this or just tell me it was the drinks and my lusty 20’s talking. The new owners are generally all right, but is it my imagination, or have the drink prices been raising steadily?

Anyways, one of the cool things about the place is the rotating art exhibits each month. This one was particularly poignant as it features the work of the loin, a print shop here in–The Loin. I’ve been seeing a number of people wearing their very cools designs around the hood as of late and it’s great that they’ve now got a show. For those not able to stop by Royale, check out their store for tha funky threads.

For those who are able to stop by in this suddenly chill month of October, you’ll be greeted by a display of their goods as seen below:

Photo by TenderBlog

It’s about time we got some local businesses like these!