Photo by Transbay Blog
I’m a bit late with this, but Transbay Blog (which is totally awesome by the way) posted a recap of PARK(ing) Day this year which includes a picture of one of the PARK(ing)s in the Tenderloin, featuring bales of hay on Leavenworth between Turk and Golden Gate.

Apparently the event is really taking off down in places like the Mission where things like this often take off due to “in-ness” and people being able to blow off work (if they work) in the name of said “in-ness”. Because, we walked around the Loin and the displays were pretty sparse as well as taken down quite fast. There didn’t seem to be one that was in to being around the whole day. I suppose we’ll just have to live with our half day attitude around here and bury our faces in a bowl of cheap tikka masala for comfort.