The Chron just released this Bargain Bites list and this is one of those times where I look at a news reference, give a little head nod and say, “Yup, that’s right, out of the entire Bay Area, 6% of that list is right in the Loin.” Okay, sure if you’re not in to Asian foods, which are what most of the bargain listings are here, then you may not be excited, but more me, I love this.

Loin Spots included:
Golden Era
Lers Ros
Show Dogs
Thai House Express

That’s a pretty solid list (with maybe the exception of Thai House where I find the service to be so violently piss poor, I’ll never set food in the place again.) And this is one of those things that people overlook about the Loin in that there is some really good food here and not just bargain food, but high end establishments that are impressive as well. Plus you get variety and we all love that. If you don’t, then go enjoy the Marina for awhile.

Oh, while on the topic of food in the Loin, there’s the blog Goldentooth which focuses on just that. Hopefully the author will be contributing from time to time here on TenderBlog. Now I leave you with lunch last weekend at Brenda’s:

Photo by TenderBlog