Photo by Google Spy Car

As I regularly show off my spandex body suit in the jazzerobics classes at the 24 Hour Fitness on Post and Van Ness, I know the area pretty well. When I don’t encounter DPW employees getting hummers in city trucks on Hemlock, I notice things like new restaurants going in.

Apparently at 1161 Post something is a brewing. Construction has been in progress there for the last few months and now it appears things are really ramping up as PG&E were digging up a trench to install what I’m assuming is more power to the place. When asked about the place, those guys told me it’s a going to be a new two story restaurant. Additionally they also told me that the sky is blue and my body suit is sexy like hot caramel, to round out their “no-shittedness” of knowledge.

I’m curious as to what it is. Upon glancing in, not much was revealed and while the interior was okay from what I saw, it had the same general charm as a Round Table Pizza establishment. Maybe I’m wrong. It’s cool that something new is coming to the area, but dammit, I wanna know what it is! Oh and the construction card just had the name of the contractor and nothing else.