Okay, so we sorta slacked on this blog for the last two months (ahem). The only interesting part in this was that we found out that people did indeed enjoy the blog as they wondered where we went. This of course further compounded the issue as we realized that despite not getting paid for this, we were letting down at least two if not three people.

The problem is based around the fact that evarels and I are often out of the country for what somewhat resembles work. We just got back two weeks ago after being gone for about two months. While this may sound glamorous to some, it sure as hell is not lucrative and honestly, we’re not going to be moving out of LoinLand any time soon. Plus, we actually like it here despite being overrun by idiot children, their angsty angular haircuts, and the constant roar of their princess limos.

We also have the problem of not wanting to just echo stuff that gets reported on in the news about the Loin. For one thing, it’s often negative. For another, you can read that stuff pretty easily without us. We really want to report on what we see, hear, eat, drink, and step in. So, when you’re not in town, that makes it pretty hard to write about anything.

One of us is actually leaving again and will be gone for the rest of the year and the other of us could very well do the same if this @#%! company could make up its mind. So, here’s what we’ll try and do:

1) We’ll write when we can although this may mean that there will be long pauses in activity (again.)
2) We’ll put the call out for anyone who wants to write on this blog as well.

Think about it, you could reap all the benefits of local blogging glory without having to pay WordPress and GoDaddy’s blood money for hosting a domain. All you need is time and an ego, preferably more of the former, although we ain’t picky. We’ll even help you as much as we can with HTML and general bloggery if you’re new to the medium.

So if you want to write, hit us up. The community and this great nation will thank you, although the praise will be disguised as comments that question the lineage of your mother.