Photo by TenderBlog

As was mentioned and then left to sit there for two months (more on that later), the trees on Polk Street are still in danger of being chopped down for no other reason than to uglify the crap out of the street. There’s probably some liability wank in there as well, but I never buy that.

For those who can, attend the hearing on September 30th (yeah, this Wednesday) at 5PM in City Hall, Room 416.

I’m hoping that someone there will take the lead as to what you do at these things, seeing as how I’ve never been to one due to the fact the Academy of Art never had to put up anything for public review. If you want more details, you can read all the signs that are up at Bush and Pine. Heroes, this is one instance where we can indeed make things better in our beloved Loin. See you there unless I fall in to a deep, dark bar beforehand.