Photo by Tenderblog

I was greeted by this tome telling all AoA students just when and where their classes would be for the coming academic year. Some would call this a class schedule. I call it a tremendous waste of trees. It’s something like 500 pages long, weighs a ton, packaged in thick, non-recyclable plastic sleeve, and was sent via UPS for some damned reason (tuition money to blow by the AoA I assume.) I guess putting it online would be like soooo 1998 or something.

Of course, if you have to include information with the classes such as which side of the jeans to wear your safety pins and your required Angst Level to attend a session, I suppose I can understand the length. Also, along with the empty princess limos they drive around the same path as the SF Muni lines, the poorly paid staff, the highly paid owner of the school, the illegal conversions of hotels in to student dorms, and their general “Fuck you and your little dog too” manner of doing business, it’s not a surprise that the AoA would take a dump on our forests as well. It wouldn’t be a shock if these schedules were also printed in child sweatshops just to, you know, round out the overall evil. All hail the red plague!