Photo by SF Curbed

And you may ask yourself why I spell wickedly as “wikkedly” for the title? The answer is simple. Back in my senior year of high school I ended up playing bass for a butt rock band called ‘Wikked Sinder’. Those were fun days playing Sabbath and living out my dreams of understanding why it was that I needed to go to college and not work as “lead chef” for Pizza Hut. The house of the guitarist where we “practiced” (usually just sitting around listening to the guitarist bitch about how his kids found his crack pipe again) was wedged between the main town church and a diesel gas station. The scene was similar to the one you see above.

Naturally, I have flashbacks to my Wikked Sinder days every time I walk past this house at 606 Ellis Street and wonder, “What in the hell happened here…?” Well, as SF Curb noted, it’s for sale. Yes, you could be the proud owner of one of four single dwelling homes in the Loin. They’re going fast, so get your hands on one while you can.

While the neighborhood is indeed a wee bit rough, I’m sure that’s a fine house. With a bit of gardening, you could easily end up with your own urban oasis like this. Now wouldn’t that kick some serious Sinder?