A number of years ago, I had a girlfriend who always accused me of being “mean” when I didn’t bow to her every whim. These “whims” included but were not limited to such things as paying all the rent, buying all the food, and paying for our holidays despite the fact we earned nearly the same. She had no explanation as to why this was just, but made the accusation nonetheless. Yeah, I was a sap, but I’ve since massively upgraded.

So, I have to smirk just a bit when reading about how mean San Francisco is to the homeless here. It’s awfully great that the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty has decided to decree that we’re the 7th meanest in the country. They are overlooking the fact that we have somewhere around 1% of our population living on the streets. It’s a massive problem here. We put in a helluva lot of effort to deal with an issue that I feel we’re quite disproportionally overburdened with. Friends who have visited look around at the shelters and soup kitchens in the Loin and say, “Huh, yeah, this actually doesn’t solve the problem of homelessness” as well as, “Those cheap Dutch tourists waiting in the soup kitchen lines are pigs” and they’re right–on both counts. So, to call this city “mean” in how it deals with the homeless is, pardon my French, un seau de merde.

Naturally a commenter to the article summed up just about everything a great many people were probably feeling when reading this by saying:

Let’s find out where all the directors of the “National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty” live and start funding homeless shelters in their neighborhoods.