Yesterday Thy Tran featured Red Crawfish at Bay Area Bites. Red Crawfish is an interesting restaurant on Larkin street at Eddy that serves… drumroll… yes, crawfish! That’s how she describes this heavenly gastronomic blend:

One of my favorite culinary mash-ups of recent years is the Vietnamese-Chinese-Cajun crawfish boil served with rice or garlic noodles. Following the arc of families moving from Vietnam to New Orleans to Southern California to, finally, San Jose and San Francisco, mud bugs have taken a garlicky turn and shown up, of all places, in Little Saigon’s across the country.

Apparently, they serve their spicy crawfish steaming out from the kitchen in pails and plopped down on the paper-topped table inside plastic bags, rather than piled right on the table, to hold in all that the thick, rich broth. And it sure looks delicious:

In case you need more convincing, check out the full menu which contains a few other things besides crawfish such as these:

If you’re hungry and a bit of a glutton, you could eat two pounds of crawfish with nothing else, but it’s definitely hard to resist popular side orders like batter-fried sweet potatoes, buttery garlic noodles, buttery garlic toast, or just plain rice. You can also order potatoes and corn on the cob, and they’ll throw them right in with the crawfish. If you don’t suck the heads (and the purists among us would insist that you do), you should at least order some garlic noodles or a bowl of rice for soaking up all the juicy goodness that spurts out of each one.

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