Word has come down that it seems, 222 Hyde has ceased being “slumming-hipster nightclub” and is now a restaurant. You can view the menu in all its PDF annoyance here.

sceneThe photo at the left is apparently a snapshot of life in the pre-restaurant days. When looking at that, then looking deep in to my feelings about the hipster scene, I refer to a quote my late father (who actually grew up next to Dolores Park prior to the Hostile Hipster Takeover) was oft known to say which is thus: “It looks like a bunch of assholes with all the good ones picked out.” I mean, I never went there, but I’m guessing that that was probably one of the establishment’s best nights wallowing in all its “ironic” glory. I’m all for the new restaurant, but even if it were a bestiality leather club opening up, I think it would be an improvement over what you see there. Plus such a club would really round out a most missing kink need in this fine city, don’t ya think?

The best bit in that blurb on SF Weekly was “Is the heart of the ‘Loin ready for an eatery angling for trendy?” To this I answer, um, yes, we are actually past “ready” and have a good number of trendy spots to date such as Olive, farmer brown, Fish & Farm or if you want to stretch the boundaries a bit, Canteen to name a few. Not sure where John Birdsall has been for the last five years or so. I’m guessing wearing blue plaid.