We’re a few hours late with this but, hey, we’re not a news site, it didn’t happen exactly in the Loin, and really any title with “man”, “hole”, and “explosion” in it sounds more like the set up for a bad joke about the Castro…

Anyways, it’s not clear what caused it, but this morning an explosion happened in an underground vault at Fourth and Market streets provoking the area to fill up with smoke. The nearby Ross clothing store at 799 Market had to be evacuated and the power went out in the building.

Luckily no one was injured, but Muni’s 30 Stockton, the 45 Union-Stockton, and the 9X Bayshore Express buses experienced delays for quite a while due to the SFFD activity. Shockingly, as noted by SFAppeal, no alert was sent out by 511 or Muni’s RSS about it.

Fortunately we have this beautiful picture posted on Twitter by justex07 (found via the awesome Eye on blogs).

Photo by justex07

So be wary citizens. While our terrorist threat level is… [checking dhs.gov… crap…] still yellow, apparently the real threat comes from beneath the streets, where we can’t see what lurks in the dark. You never know when it’s going to hit. You never know where it will be. But manholes are coming to get all of us and get us, they will. I mean really, WTF?!! Apparently our DPW employees are too busy getting serviced by hookers over on Hemlock to contend with this manhole threat.