There was a small blip of an article in the Chron about a woman who was found dead on June 14th at her 795 Geary residence and apparently today they’ve officially ruled it a homicide. Wow, just three weeks or so for them to decide that how she died wasn’t by her own doing.

I think we should all stand back from the murder clearance stats, car theft recovery stats, mugging arrest stats, traffic violation ticket issuance, and just about everything else that the SFPD does and think about this. Three freakin’ weeks to go from, “Yup, she’s dead.” to “Yup, someone killed her.” That’s pathetic. Any suspect could literally have flown to the moon in that amount of time. How on earth do they expect to catch anyone? I mean… oh wait, yeah, that’s right. It happened in the Loin. I’m sure that the general opinion is that because she’s not white and lived on Geary that was undoubtedly a drug user and was walking the streets, so, you know, who cares. How absolutely silly of me to get fired up about this. It’s not like she was a blogging Getty or anything. Maybe they’ll start thinking about finding the suspect in a year or two.