Photo by Tenderblog

Above is one of the truly stupendous dishes you can find yourself in front of at Canteen. This restaurant has been a favorite of ours ever since it opened because the dishes and desserts are fantastic, the service rocks, and because it has to deal with sharing space with the delicate, “artistic-geniuses-in-training” at the Academy of Art who smoke in front of Canteen.

But there is also the issue of space. The dining area only holds about 30 people, but the kitchen doesn’t fare much better as this article mentions. My favorite quote from chef and owner Dennis Leary was:

“When it is going well, it’s like ballet. When it’s not, it’s more like a car crash,”

Car crash or not, he and his staff manage to churn out delicious plates time and again. It’s good to see an article paying tribute to what they do within the constraints they have.