Since most of you are probably locals and not tourists, you might not know about Muni’s 74x bus, also known as CultureBus. It is yellow bus that for $7 a day (from 10am to 5pm) will take you around San Francisco’s major museums and main points of touristic interest. Also, passengers will receive discounted admission to certain cultural destinations such as the California Academy of Sciences or the De Young Museum.

What we like the most about this bus, though, is watching it take the camera-wielding tourists in shorts through the streets of the Tenderloin on its way to or from the Asian Art Museum (see full route here) and the Civic Center. It’s good the bus doesn’t have any stops by the strip-clubs…

Photo by Tenderblog

…of course enterprising bars/clubs near the stops might get wise to all of this and start advertising some kind of a pub crawl that overlaps with the route for those looking to be less cultured and more anyone-in-Ibiza-ed. Naturally, we feel this would really take off if there was a secondary route that ran up to Fisherman’s Wharf, over to the bridge and then back. These types of buses work well in many cities and it almost seems like they want it to fail by running such a limited course.