Historical Photo

It is today that the Tenderloin YMCA has closed. It’s a pretty sad occasion really as it had been in that location for 99 years and now, it’s going to be well, somewhere else in the neighborhood. No one really knows at this point as negotiations for another space are up in the air.

Moving in to the lovely 1910 building will be a project by the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation. They’re going to be bringing yet more affordable housing to low income people in to the area. I have to say that while I completely believe these projects to be necessary, at the same time this approach is all wrong. These groups are under the assumption that you need to plop down these units right where people already are, but all this does is perpetuate the issue of the Loin being primarily low income peoples as opposed to a more mixed neighborhood.

I don’t feel that the Y should have left that building at all and it worked as a good corner piece to the neighborhood. I can’t see the new living units going in place being an improvement to that. Residence without retail or commerce is the Burbs. And undoubtedly, they’ll probably gut a great deal of the building in the process. Unfortunate really, but not nearly as unfortunate as the opening line from this Chronicle article about the closing from May: “…a woman is jogging on the treadmill with tears in her eyes…” Does anyone still wonder why the Chron is dying?