Photo by SFGate

Apparently a strip club customer was shot and killed and two others were injured in a fight that turned to guns last night at “Pink Diamonds” on 220 Jones Street. I can’t really recall this place, but looking at the marquee in the photo above, it’s all coming back as to where that mystery $10 came from last Tuesday.

Naturally, this is a ridiculous waste of a life, but at the same time, it just gives people more fodder to point at the Loin and say, “See! See! It is dangerous!” Of course I would bet my hard earned $10 (hey, ZZ Top is not easy to stay on the pole with) that the guys involved in this incident weren’t from the Loin. So, how does that make the Loin dangerous if it’s idiots from out of the area causing the problems? I mean, it’s not actually the Loin, it’s the morons.

This club obviously needs to be shut down and the landlord of the building, Terrance Alan, be removed from the San Francisco Entertainment Commission. In fact, why don’t we just get rid of this self-serving group altogether and put some power back in to our regular authorities to shut down repeat offenders like “Pink Diamonds”. I know the name reeks of class and sounds a lot better than the original name of “Pussy to Stare at”, but do we really need places like this in operation when there are classier acts like O’Farrell where the girls came back just days after a massive street explosion? Now that’s a real work ethic without the gun fire and the death and the getting shot in a foot and all.