Strolling up Leavenworth to Sutter presented a wonderful scene today with the road blocked on the right (as it has been on and off for several days) by PG&E who was working on tearing up the street. Upon talking to one of the guys working I found out that all of this demolition in front of Cup-A-Joe is merely to lay conduit to give 886 Sutter more power. Why a well-established building, built in 1926 suddenly requires more power is anyone’s guess, although heavy tenant grow light usage (both illicit and for fresh, delicious basil) in these tough times comes to mind. The “one rat’s ass we’re not prepared to give” attitude shouldn’t come as a surprise given that the owners have been cited several times for doing work without permits. Mind you that nearly every owner in SF does this to some extent, so you’ve got to be really sloppy to get caught.

Friends local to the block tell us that on the plus side, the AoA can’t run their buses up Leavenworth to Bush while the construction is happening. This then gives temporary relief to the feeling of living on top of a Greyhound bus station that the AoA has lovingly heaped upon the neighborhood.