Well, actually it’s called, Tenderloin: Live or Start Dying. You can watch the trailer above.

My general take on it is that it’s a small, indie production shot digitally with a number of local cast that I’ve met in my previous life trying to make independent film in this town. I have no idea if the movie is any good or not. The one thing that it does do is to continue showing the Loin as some kind of DMZ. Yeah, it’s got its problem residents, but there are also a lot of families living here and to say that it’s just drugs, hookers, and crime like Hamsterdam on “The Wire” (yeah, white people love it) is a misnomer.

Anyways, objections to the portrayal of the Loin aside, I’m happy they chose this neighborhood as a backdrop and I do respect someone actually managing to finish a feature length film. It ain’t easy, but two tips in making even your low budget film stand out from among the rest: put time and money in to the sound and like the master Hitchock famously said, don’t use child actors. If the latter’s stage mother doesn’t give you a heart attack, then trying to get them to emote properly will.