Photo by Tenderblog

It never really ceases to amaze us how much crap gets dumped in the streets of the Loin; especially furniture. This is just pure, asinine laziness at its best. Why is that? Because you can have a limited number of large items picked for free at your address. All it takes is the miraculous ability to use the freakin’ phone. That’s it.

And in case you were wondering, this particular piece of sad abandonment is sitting by the 27 stop on Sutter at Leavenworth. If you prefer something a bit bigger and slightly more impregnated with sin, there is a couch down at Hyde at O’Farrell which had a couple getting their drink, as well as their love on. We’re sure that one will be extra delicious by morning. And again, use the freakin’ phone. It. Is. Free. Don’t toss this stuff in the street.