Gang Way is a bar on Larkin between Geary and Myrtle streets the facade of which caught our attention since we first moved to this neighborhood:

Photo by Tenderblog

They claim to be the oldest gay bar in San Francisco and “one of the classiest funky joints” in the city, located “in Baghdad by the Bay”. Since we haven’t been inside the Gangway, we can’t vouch for how classy it is, but we know they have cheap drinks ($3.50 well drinks and $8 pitchers), a popular nautical theme, a pool table, a jukebox and according to this (straight) Yelp reviewer lots of fun times (he describes it as “a saloon with friendly patrons, a fabulous owner and a surprisingly clean yet disorganized atmosphere”).

Apparently, after 9 pm a bunch of half-naked hard bodies jump on the bar and start go-go dancing with a giant mirror showing off all their glory. They also have one of those grapple claw machines which allows you try to grab a prize. Usually, in the G-rated version of these machines, you get a stuffed animals and other toys. The Gang Way’s is filled with X-rated videos; naturally. Sounds like a proper gay dive bar, with an emphasis on the “dive” part given all the nautical-ocity.