This week we’re featuring a rather professional tendah kitteh. His name is Beto:

Photo by Tenderblog

He typically sleeps over at Terrasol workshop on Larkin between Sutter and Post. During the day, according to co-owner, Steven Trimble, he “commutes to work” over at the Terrasol store on 1742 Polk Street. Trimble and his partner Alberto A. Rojas are the owners of both these locations and it’s from Alberto where Beto gets his name as it was Alberto’s nickname growing up.

While he is in a surrounding that’s work, work, work, all the time, Beto’s days primarily focus around: napping and eating everything in site. It’s the later activity that makes him a bit, well, plump. Beto was about two years old when Steven and Alberto picked him from the SPCA two years ago. They were warned at the time that, like many Americans, he has little control over his appetite. While sensible cats will only eat until they’re full, Beto will devour whatever is there and then ask for more.

His plumpness is a bit disarming though as while he is okay with letting small dogs be, he will gladly try and confront larger dogs. So, for those bringing your overly gregarious yellow lab in to Terrasol or Tempest, be forewarned that Beto is a sleeping cobra. Here is additional proof:

Photo by Tenderblog

If you want your own kitteh to love and to chase dogs away, take a look at all these little adoptable fellas at the SPCA website.