Yeah, so I’m not a terribly huge fan of 7×7 as whenever I feel like looking at SF’s society scenes in photo montages… I… uh… okay, I never want to see these people. But, I would never stoop to the bitch-about-in-the-blog level as the magazine is mostly just there, killing trees and losing readers along with San Francisco magazine, both waiting until they inevitably die in the near future.

Image from 7x7

They have struck a dissonant chord with me over their Neighborhoods section on their website. For some reason, they blended Hayes Valley, Civic Center, the Tenderloin, and the TenderNob in to one mega section. And the best part is that all this goes to their Tendernob page. Hey Hayes Valley, how do you feel about that? While we’ve been okay with being lumped in with Civic Center for some time, attaching Hayes, the Loin, CC, and TenderNob together is about as smart as wearing stripes and plaid at the Pride Parade in that you just shouldn’t go there.

The point is, San Franciscan’s love their neighborhoods. If you’re going to have some kind of neighborhood feature, do it right. Or at the very least, break apart the neighborhoods in to some system that actually makes sense because as you may note, they lumped Hayes in to this medley, but kept Union Square as separate despite the fact that I feel Union Square is not really a neighborhood (it’s a… hmmm… square) and that it has a great deal more in common with the Loin than Hayes. If you want to do things this way then a “Downtown” area comprised of Civic Center, Union Square, Tenderloin, and TenderNob might work a good deal better.

What’s that? 7×7’s address is 59 Grant Street? Well, I’ll be! What are the odds of that?