Thanks to a tweet by @mrhalliday we discovered The Tenderloin Project, a photography project that its described as follows on its website:

The Tenderloin Project an ongoing artistic endeavor focused on one of San Francisco’s most marginalized neighborhoods, The Tenderloin. Utilizing the interactive mediums of photography and film, we aim to capture a compelling and honest portrait of this diverse community.

With living exhibitions that will travel through San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York the project will be showcased in a variety of outlets, creating access for a range of viewers to see these intimate, yet objective images, and to understand what life is like in the Tenderloin.

The project will culminate in publishing the images in book form, with proceeds from the sales being donated to organizations that promote and give access to art in the Tenderloin. This, we feel, will allow our project to live on for years and generations to come in the form of art within the community.

Although leafing through the few pictures on their website we noticed that they’ve focused quite a bit on the homeless and the underworld, and that we’re typically not fans of the use of black and white photography for dramatic effect, there is a certain human warmth in the images that transmit a sense of optimism and faith in humanity. And for that we have to commend the guys behind the project, as it’s no small feat.