Photo by TenderblogAlthough we don’t shop there as often as we’d like to, we have to say we quite like the farmers’ market happening twice a week at the UN Plaza in the Civic Center. Technically, it is called Heart of the City Farmers’ Market, and it happens every Wednesday and Sunday from 7am to 5:30pm.

We find it very conveniently located next to the Civic Center Muni and Bart station, and although it’s quite small it has a pretty good selection of all the foods we need and many of them are organic. Much less pretentious and friendly than the one at the Ferry building, it is also more affordable (see a shopping example here) and generally less crowded. If you go in the afternoon, they often have specials at a reduced price, like the one the guy pictured here was advertising when we were there a couple of hours ago. Highly recommended!