We couldn’t go because of family obligations, but tonight was the opening reception for AJ Fosik’s exhibit at White Walls gallery titled “There’s Aliens in Our Midst”. But we really enjoyed seeing the pictures of his three-dimensional wood constructions, as he calls them, and interview with him on Fecal Face. Here’s a sample:

We also liked a couple of quotes from the interview about his interview. Word:

I do endorse the idea of traveling and moving as much as possible, being attached to nowhere and everywhere simultaneously. On the other hand I think having a more permanent workspace has really improved my work. It’s a definite trade off. I used to just have one saw and an assortment of hand tools that I would lug around with me. Also, I was also dong more paintings, so my set up was very primitive, nothing I couldn’t put in the back of my truck. In the last couple of years my shop has really grown along with my work and it seems like every new tool I acquire opens up new possibilities to me so I really can’t imagine downsizing at this point. I don’t think I’m done moving either, but with the current manifestation of wood shop/ studio I don’t think paying off friends with beer is a viable moving option anymore.

My studio is in my loft space and this is the last time I’m doing that. I’m really somebody who needs that physical separation of workspace and living space. It really does take much more discipline to work from home. I have to make a conscious decision that OK I’m in the studio and then OK I’m done working, both can be equally challenging. Plus in the middle of winter I start to feel like I’m in Super Max lock down.

Read the rest of the interview and check out the rest of amazing pictures here.

And, of course, check AJ Fosik’s exhibit in person until the White Walls gallery until July 4th at 835 Larkin street at Geary.