It’s time for another tendah kitteh of the week, because we love to highlight cute neighborhood pets. This one is brought to you by Charlotte, one of our favourite Tender readers who also runs a great blog on food, photography and her love of French things called à la poêle.

Meet Ellie:

Here’s what Charlotte wrote to us in an email about her best pet friend:

She’s a 13 month old dilute tortoiseshell rescue cat from the streets of Oakland. I got her last August and we’ve been BFF ever since. My friend who was with me when I adopted her suggested I name her Eleanor, but we call her Ellie. When we moved to the TL from Oakland she was pretty freaked out by the upstairs neighbors (we were on the top floor in Oakland) and all the sirens and hollering that goes on outside, but now she sleeps through it like a champ. Ellie also has an affinity for sweet things like ice cream and banana popsicles.

Judging by the photoset devoted to Ellie on Charlotte’s Flickr account, it seems that she also likes windows, fishtanks and pink plastic bags! Oh, and playing with Charlotte’s groceries, posing “a serious risk of distraction from still life photography” (which she often takes for her blog):

If you want your own kitteh to love and to play with your peaches, take a look at all these little adoptable fellas at the SPCA website.