Let’s just say that if for some reason you think that now was the best time to drive down the stretch of Polk between Geary and Ellis, you might want to change your plans; at least during the day. PG&E, our almighty utility masters have got that chunk of street blocked off while they work on “the incident” from last Friday. Oh wait, but there’s more!

Photo by SFGate.com

David Steinberg, the fine art sex photographer/journalist has put up a series of photos showing the event as it unraveled in front of the building his was in. Quite a nice montage of photos that really dig in to all the nitty and the gritty of the fire.

LIVININTHELOIN brings word that apparently PCB was removed from the site of accident. So if your curries and phos have an extra flavor to to them lately that you can’t place, just thank the dusting of Polychlorinated Biphenyl that swept through downtown. Just think of it as something else you can blame that unexplained rash on after a night out partying in the Loin.

Speaking of partying, the most important, super duper news in all of this is that the O’Farrell Theatre is indeed open again. Players and perverts rejoice because one of our juiciest strip clubs tells us, “The fire is out, but we’re still running hot!!!” That’s right, three exclamation marks on that headline. Apparently they’ve been told that any more punctuation marks in their announcements and they’ll be shut down for fear of another “incident”. So to my fellow gentlemen, all I can say is: keep it clean.