Photo by TenderblogSugar Café, on Sutter between Taylor and Mason, is one of our favorite daytime cafés in the Tendernob (although we liked it better when they had those big comfy leather couches by the window). And we’re saying daytime because in the evening it transitions to a lounge bar with blue lights that is open until 2am that we don’t like as much.

Sugar Café is a great place to meet up with people for coffee, for a drink or to eat something. They serve coffee and teas all day long, including the very fancy pyramidal Tea Forté, and alcoholic drinks starting at noon (wine and beer), even cocktails from 5pm on. They also serve food all day, with the usual muffins and brownies in the morning, and nice salads and fancy salads for lunch. In the evening, they serve what they call Bar bites, which means stuff nachos, dips, olives and cheeses. Oh, and although we’ve never tried it, their dessert menu sounds delicious.

Although their website doesn’t mention it, we’ve come across this sign in front of Sugar Café announcing weekend brunches with crêpes, mimosas, bloody marys and sangria. Since we don’t know of any crêpe places around the neighborhood (except for The Crepe House on Polk and Sacramento, which definitely doesn’t qualify as the Tendernob anymore), we can’t hide our excitement. We’ll report back once we’ve tried them.