We just got word of Google’s Technology Day in the Tenderloin, a computer help day hosted by the Tenderloin Tech Lab located at 150 Golden Gate Ave at Leavenworth, 3rd Floor. Tomorrow Thursday, June 11th, from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m., Google employees will be volunteering to teach classes and do one-on-one tutoring with homeless and economically challenged participants at the Tenderloin Tech Lab, which is a collaboration between St. Anthony Foundation and Network Ministries.

The St Anthony Foundation Blog quoted Karl Robillard, the Manager of the Employment Program & Technology Lab as saying:

Today’s economic crisis is running counterpoint to the technological crisis in areas like the Tenderloin, where the decreasing number of resources and services are forcing people to be more savvy about their survival. Technological access is proving to be the unlikely thread that is holding marginalized people together by connecting them to information, services, and each other.