Do you remember Kathleen, aka Cielo Gold, proud Tenderloinette who was featured on the blog I live here: SF? Well, thanks to her Twitter avatar we discovered that she has a very cute kitteh named Ace:

Photo by Cielo Gold

So we asked her to send us some more pictures of Ace the Cat. And here’s what we got, purrrrr:

Photos by Cielo Gold

We got one more of him as Santa, but we’re selfishly keeping it for ourselves to use next Christmas to greet our friends…

If you guys have tendah kittehs at home, and we know many of you do (we’re looking at you, Charlotte), please send them our way

Update: As it turns out, Ace the Cat has now been featured on I live here: SF too! And not only with a super-cute picture, but also with a truly heart-warming story. Here’s a little excerpt:

I know that a lot of people who live here in the Tenderloin are either lost or come to die. I know. I can hear them screaming at each other all day long as I look out my window. But I came to the Tenderloin to live. Living the good life here in the Tenderloin has made all those scary nights of living on the streets without food, water or human loving attention all seem worth it now. I am proud to call the Tenderloin my home.

Check it out!

If you want your own kitteh to love and become famous in the blogosphere, take a look at all these little adoptable fellas at the SPCA website.