Like we state on our about page, we really want to give more love to the Loin and the Tendernob; our hoods. And normally, posts about, “Oh wow, here’s a list of what people searched for to get to my site” are pretty lame. Despite that fact, I just wanted to share this one as it is telling of the reason we’re writing this blog:

yelp sutter and joes is it safe?

There really is a lot of prejudice against all things near the Loin. I have no idea what Yelp has to do with safety, but I imagine that the person who typed this meant, “jones” and not “joes”. Sutter and Jones happens to be a very nice corner and very safe. I even envy it whenever I’m there as Candy Darling is on one corner for all your sweet tooth needs and Cafe Bean on the other with their tasty dutch pancakes and minimal outdoor seating. Then there’s this swanky building called the Belgravia.

I also need to mention that at that corner, the 2, 3, 4, and 27 lines all have a stop. That my friends is effin’ convenient transportation connections.

But if all that isn’t enough to convince you about the safety of this intersection, then rest assured that there are cadres of kids with funky hair cuts from the AoA smoking in front of the two dorms on Sutter St. throughout the night. And if gentle-hearted art students can smoke outside whenever they want, then that is a mighty safe area you’re looking at.