We had a little bit of an oopsie today in the Loin:

Photo by spite_club

While making our way to out of town for the weekend, something just had to go and happen in the Loin. A manhole cover blew off at O’Farrell and Polk due to an underground electrical first, shutting down the area and shutting off power. People in our building who somehow missed all the helicopters hovering over the hood thought that our 90 year elevator was on the fritz again, when it was really that the power was out. Apparently about 8,600 people got to experience the thrill of no power as well. And here I thought it was just another Prop 8 rally that the choppers were covering… Oh in case a PG&E electrical fire sounds somewhat familiar, yes, it’s happened before, manhole covers and all. It’s also happened in other ways, just to, you know, keep PG&E explosions really cool and cutting edge.

For anyone who wants all the truly meaty news, take a look at the Chron article. They get paid to write these things so it’s going to be a lot more in depth than this bloggery schtuff, plus they have some like, totally awesome shots of fire shooting out of a manhole.