A little while back, we were riding the 38 out of the Loin and off to a far-flung adventure when we saw this sign on the bus:

Photo by Tenderblog

Now, we’re big giant heaping fans of public transportation and we always wish that people used it more and would stop having this fear of it. But this story is really a mystery. Is it a testament to the strength of the bus driver? Because we’ve had her once or twice as a driver and we need no convincing as to how badass of a driver she is.

But, to us, the story comes across a bit strange. It really plays in to the hands of the people who are of the opinion that public transportation is incredibly dangerous. We honestly can’t think of anyone actually being attacked while on public transit in recent memory, while even our state politicians can get carjacked. Sure you may get folks on the 27 trying to ensnare you in a conversation about how they talked to Jesus and Nixon the night before, but for the most part, they’re harmless. No one has rapped on our shoulder with a gun to try and steal our blessed haul from Trader Joe’s while riding the bus.

Given that these posters seem to be hard to find, maybe Muni rethought this whole campaign?