We had really planned for Doggie of the Week to be a weekly feature, thus the title, but this friendly fellow who needs to be adopted popped up and we decided he needed to be featured now.

Photo by Tenderblog

This is Bear. He’s currently up for adoption at Rocket Dog Rescue. He’s the featured dog there as well. Here’s what they say about him:

He LOVES to swim, play fetch, chew on his kong, and can make awesome pig-like noises. Bear is house-trained, gets a long with other dogs, rides in the car very well, has a good amount of energy, and really loves his people. Bear is a big, strong dog who needs a firm, patient, responsible owner who is willing to give him proper exercise, mental stimulation, and obedience training. Bear is in training now and whoever adopts or fosters him will get continued training for him free! If you think you could give him a forever home, please send an email to leda@rocketdogrescue.org

From our brief encounter with him this morning at Cup-A-Joe (at Sutter and Leavenworth) where he was bopping around, we can confirm most of this description, especially the “has a good amount of energy and really loves peope” bit. He was at Cup-A-Joe for barely 10 minutes but he got tons of pets from just about everyone who wandered by. He wasn’t too crazy about my big honkin’ camera lens, but otherwise, he’s a great lovey dog.

Apparently the only down side for this fellow is that for long-term adoption, he really needs a yard, which is obviously tough for most of us in SF who are lucky if we can look at a yard, much less actually have access to one. If you want to see more of this 2 1/2 year-old “Polar Bear Disguised as Pit Bull”, check out a bunch of his puppy pictures such as the one below in this set.

Photo from http://bearpolar1.blogspot.com/