We can’t hide the beaming satisfaction that we’re exuding since we checked the Tinderblog’s statistics for the first time this evening, just to discover that on our second day we had already received some love from a few San Francisco blogs we like and had managed to reach nearly 400 visits. Yay!

We suspect the first one was the noe valley *buzz* who called us a “delish treat on the interwebs“. Yep, that’s us, very delicious.

Then SFist and Curbed SF linked to us in their Day Around the Bay and Monday PM Linkage, respectively.

And last but not least Brittney Gilbert of Eye on blogs featured us! Here’s what she said:

San Franciscans love their neighborhoods with a fierceness. Which is why Eye on Blogs loves it when someone turns their passion for their hood into a frequently updated website. Blogs about small, local areas are goldmines of acutely-focused information and entertainment, most of it originating in the area they cover. So, yay big time for Tenderblog, the place devoted to stuff happening in SF’s notorious Tenderloin District.

Update: Now also Mission Mission has given us a shout out too, albeit in a less positive tone (“The Tenderloin is nothing but endless fodder for the chaos”). We’ll do our best to show him wrong.

Ok, ’nuff shoulder pattin’ now…