I’ve never been a fan of Newsom. Even trying to get past the hair, he never seemed to have much to him other than cronyism (yeah, I know there’s the gay marriage bit as well) which is why I didn’t vote for him in either of his elections. Others did. C’est la vie. Vive les cheveux.

Today in The Chron, an article came up describing the rather harsh cutbacks in the city budget. The chopping block is wide this time around and apparently The Central City Hospitality House could get axed. This is sad news as that group has been functioning for 32 years and helping those in the Loin who have no security net left. You take that away and you just get more homeless, which I might add, from a resident’s point of view, Newsom has done nothing to curb despite all of his piecharts and additional gel.

The question I raise is, where the hell did all this money go? We have been funding programs like these for three decades. Why now is there suddenly no money? It’s a similar issue with the State Parks and zee Arnold wanting to close many of them. How can we not fund these social entities? Is it just getting sucked up in $230,000 pensions and state politicians being given a car? I don’t know about you, but I’d love to be given a car to go to work. Well, now that I think about it, no, I wouldn’t. Parking in the TenderHood is nasty. I’m happy with my two feet and Translink card for now, although the 33% raise in Muni fares is going to take a real bite soon.

Anyways, I leave you with hair, a mouth, and a crappy budget.

Photo by Eric Luse, SF Chronicle